Saitama City Foundation for Business Creation

1. About us

Saitama City Foundation for Business Creation is contributing to the change management of small and medium companies in Saitama City, offering following supports.
1) the support for Product Innovation of companies
2) the support for Management Innovation
3) the support for Globalization of companies

Founded/ March 18, 2004
Founder/ Saitama City
Fund/ 200,000,000yen
Address/ 5-4-3, Shimoochiai,Chuou-ku, Saitama 338-0002 Japan
Phone/ +81-48-851-6652
FAX/ +81-48-851-6653
e-mail/ shien@sozo-saitama.or.jp


2. Service for Manufacturing

○Product Innovation
We are offering the service in the Industry-Academia Collaboration Support Center Saitama.
Industry-Academia Collaboration Support Center Saitama

-Technical Consulting
-Industry-Academia Collaboration Consulting
-Support for Competitive Fund
-Project Management Service 

 <Project Cases>
< The Development of Manufacturing Process for Micro Parts made by Metallic Glass>(Japanese)

○Management Innovation

 -The strategy and the business planning support for C-Suite.
 Are you preparing for the power saving or any other risk??
 -Visual Management Consulting
 Do you share and understand the activities of each employees??
 -KAIZEN Consulting
 Do you have competitive productivity??

-We are promoting cross-border business tie-ups in high-tech and other key industry sectors by cooperating with JETRO, Saitama City, and Saitama International Business Support Center..

<2011Regional Industry Tie-up(RIT) Program Project Summary>  about RIT
Saitama has a concentration of SMEs, which provide high-value-added materials, parts and devices. The SMEs are facing a very severe price competition in the domestic market and looking for foreign companies which evaluate their product value properly. Through the business exchange with a region in Germany, where companies holding versatile advanced technologies are concentrated, Saitama aims to create a potential in exporting and importing, jointly develop new products and create innovation.

○introduction of the Companies in Saitama City
-Saitama City "Technology Brand" Companies
Saitama City "Technology Brand" Companies Certification Program is a municipal system of certification
for Saitama's research and development companies,
Profiles of the certified businesses

-Saitama International Business Support Center "Fundamental Power in SAITAMA"
Hokkai M.I.C. Co., Ltd.
Goto Precision Engineering Co., Ltd.
Nihon Dento Kougyo Co., Ltd
Watanabe Co., Ltd.