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Our Services

The Saitama City Foundation for Business Creation (SFBC) is founded by Saitama City, which is one of the largest cities in Japan and north of Tokyo. We offer support to overseas companies to tap into the Japanese market as well as supporting Saitama companies overseas.
We have supported over 1,000 business matchings since 2010. Recently, the number of overseas companies interested in Saitama has increased, due to advantageous proximity to Tokyo as well as our consistent support.
We have strong relationships with clusters and organizations in Germany, the USA and Singapore and are supporting business opportunities and development in Japan for them.
We have years of experience with “mechatronic“ and “medical device” fields.
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Foundation’s outline〜Who we are

Established 2004
Capital Funded by Saitama City
Address 5-4-3, Shimoochiai,Chuou-ku, Saitama 338-0002 Japan
Number of Employees 60
Our Business 〜What we do -Management Support for Small-to-Midsize Businesses
-Business Development
-Company matching support
-managing the collaborations between industry, academia and government.
-Expanding businesses overseas

Our networks

Networks in Japan

What we offer

Support for the development of the medical device field
We will provide support for matching talented overseas companies with Japanese businesses.
We also provide support by sharing information regarding companies that are suitable for matching, as well as organizing business meetings in Japan.
we have especially been very successful in the fields of mechatronics and medical devices. For example, in fields related to medical devices, companies looking to expand their operations in Japan will have strong backing from medical coordinators.
We offer support for matching with academic associations and medical device makers, for product development, applications regarding Japanese legal matters (Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act), and entrance into the marketplace and more.
Support utilizing a strong pipeline with the cluster of Germany,
America and Singapore and support organizations
We have a lot of knowledge and understanding of industry-academic-government coordination. We coordinate with academic institutions that have a strong pipeline with businesses.
At first, it may seem like getting support from an academic institution is a roundabout way of entering the Japanese market, but in our experiences, utilizing the power of these institutes that have a strong pipeline to area businesses will result in success.
This is because academic institutes have years of research and many ties to area businesses. SFBC is offering support actively utilizing the power of these institutes.