Why Saitama City

Why Saitama City?

Why Saitama City

Saitama City in Saitama Prefecture is close to Tokyo and is a wonderful place for your company to start its advancement into Japan.
Saitama Prefecture is located on the north side of Tokyo, and Saitama City is one of its major metropolises.
Saitama Prefecture has a population of 7 million, and Saitama City has a population of 1.3 million.
Additionally, Saitama City has the 9th most crowded station in all of Japan, as there are many bullet trains that stop by this station. Acting as an Edo-period highway between Edo and Kyoto, this area grew as a post town and it now acts as an important transport node for East Japan, with six bullet train lines as well as many JR lines and private railways running through it.

Saitama City


Population Land Area Number of Companies Location
Saitama Prefecture 7,337,835 3,798km2 239,966 offices(2016) Located in Kanto,
on the northside of Tokyo
Saitama City 1,314,589 217.43km2 41,330 offices(2016) Prefectural capital located in the south-east portion of Saitama Prefecture

Recent Trends

We will introduce recent trends found in Saitama City.

Three Reasons to Choose Saitama City